Tuesday, January 5, 2016

According to Zygmunt Bauman we live in a world that is constantly changing. We constantly need new gadgets like iPhones or computers, get new partners, different outfits that are popular at the time etc. That is why in our liquid modern age, our elusive identities are always changing. 
Especially taking the virtual reality into consideration, a persons identity isn't was it used to be in the old days anymore. Social media for example encourages many people, especially teenagers to shape their own, perfect identity that is communicated to the world. For many, every post is illustrating an ideal life.

When listening to the talk of Jesse Schell this Ad of Nature Valley came straight to my mind. I was thinking the same: where is our future going? People these days miss out on so many things that are out there and instead pay only attention to their virtual success and pleasure. People start spending money on apps, and invest hours every day on their phones and tablets. At the end of the day we should ask ourselves... what does being a successful Farmville player mean to us? Is that something we should be proud of? Something we can tell our grandchildren?

What is the major effect of the Panopticon?
The major effect is to convince a state of conscious visibility in the inmate, which means that you know that you being watched the whole time.

2. How does the architecture create and sustain power?
Prisoner should constantly be observed by an inspector. The prisoner knows that he/she is being observed but he doesn't know if watched or not.

3. In what way is the panopticon efficient?

The one being watched, unconsciously knows that he/she is being watched the whole time, which means it is internalized, which can have an effect on your behavior - you basically become the person in the tower and watch yourself the whole time.

4. How does the panopticon do the work of a scientist?
 by showing differences among the patients, seeing symptoms of each,
It reveals characteristics. 

5. In what ways was the Panopticon a laboratory?
It can be used as a machine to do experiments and can be used to train people and try different experiments.

6. List the conditions in which panopticon strengthens power?
It can also be used in our foundations of society. You are measured in your every day life.

7. How is the panopticon principle useful in a society made for private individuals and the state?
The growing influence of the state in its ever more profound intervention.

8. What effect does the panopticon principle have?
The individual is fabricated

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New York. The City that Never Sleeps. The Big Apple. Endless Possibilities.
Many people find New York fascinating and exciting - and why would they think differently? New York is everywhere, no matter where you live. We see it on TV, on photographs or online. But some of us actually have to live there. Nobody tells you about the endless hours New Yorkers waste on public transportation to get to school or work every day. Delays, sick passengers, police investigations or a Barack Obama in town just add the cherry on top of commuting madness. Nobody mentions the variety of smells that you are exposed to day after day - a mixture of sweet armpit sweat with zesty dog urine and a (major) hint of rotten garbage. Nobody speaks of the years of lifetime you are loosing due to stress. No matter how balanced you are - New York will eventually get under your skin. It's like an infection. A disease that creeps up on you, changing the way you think. If you are on your daily obstacle run to work and all you can think of is: "LADY, CAN YOU WALK ANY SLOWER??" or "OH GOD, I HAVE TO WAIT 4 MORE MINUTES, SCREW MY LIFE!!" you did it. You are officially living the dream. 

Now York. The City that never sleeps. The Big Apple. Endless possibilities.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

On Sunday we went to the Peak District National Park. It was a great place to visit. On the way to Sheffield:

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sketching in Wave Hill 

After one month break I finally got to join the Urban Sketchers again! We sketched in Wave Hill, about half an hour north by train. I always wanted to capture one day by video, so I did a quick summary of the day and hope to record more in the future:

My sketches:
Greenhouse from the inside and a quite cooperative butterfly!

All in all a great day!