Tuesday, January 5, 2016



What is the major effect of the Panopticon?
The major effect is to convince a state of conscious visibility in the inmate, which means that you know that you being watched the whole time.

2. How does the architecture create and sustain power?
Prisoner should constantly be observed by an inspector. The prisoner knows that he/she is being observed but he doesn't know if watched or not.

3. In what way is the panopticon efficient?

The one being watched, unconsciously knows that he/she is being watched the whole time, which means it is internalized, which can have an effect on your behavior - you basically become the person in the tower and watch yourself the whole time.

4. How does the panopticon do the work of a scientist?
 by showing differences among the patients, seeing symptoms of each,
It reveals characteristics. 

5. In what ways was the Panopticon a laboratory?
It can be used as a machine to do experiments and can be used to train people and try different experiments.

6. List the conditions in which panopticon strengthens power?
It can also be used in our foundations of society. You are measured in your every day life.

7. How is the panopticon principle useful in a society made for private individuals and the state?
The growing influence of the state in its ever more profound intervention.

8. What effect does the panopticon principle have?
The individual is fabricated


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